His Doctors Gave Up On Him...
Desperate, Broken-Down
Runner Stumbles On An Unusual “Break All The Rules” Training Method And Returns To Run His Fastest Race Ever
Now This Coach To Olympians 
Says He Can Show YOU The Secret To 
Faster,Pain-Free Running In Less than 30 Days
Hi, I’m Nate Helming, marathoner and Ironman triathlete.
And in the last 7 years, I’ve outraced some of the country's fastest triathletes... earned titles in running, triathlon and mountain biking... and even tackled the epic Leadville 100 Mountain Bike "Race Across the Sky.”

I’m so grateful for every chance to run and enjoy the sport I love, because there was a time when I thought I’d never run again.

And if you want to enjoy running for many years to come... If you want to see your times drop and your distances increase... If you want to finally get in shape and lose that weight...
Then you’ll want to hear what I’m about to say.

Because when it comes to achieving your goals as a runner...

Injury Is Enemy #1
And that was never more painfully clear to me than it was on October 11, 2008.

That day, I was in Kona, Hawaii for the 32nd Ironman Triathlon World Championship.

And I still remember the looks of agony and rapture on the runners’ faces as they collapsed across the finish line. As their friends and families surrounded them in celebration, I felt their joy. 

But I also choked back tears of impotent rage and frustration.

Because I was only watching—parked on the sidelines.

That was supposed to be ME.

After all, I’d trained like a man possessed to qualify for Kona.

The 3-day, 400-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Santa Barbara. The grueling 14-mile run over Mount Tamalpais and down to the ocean—and back. The gut-wrenching weekly tempo workouts at the track. The frigid February swims, fighting currents and dodging sea lions in the Bay...

It seemed like it had all paid off at the Oceanside 70.3 in San Diego, when I turned on the afterburner and blew past the leader with less than a quarter mile to go.

Overnight I went from a total unknown to local sports hero. And Kona was my chance to show the world what I could do. I could see every detail playing out on the movie screen in my mind...
To This Day I Don’t Know Exactly 
How The Injury Happened...
It started one day in August, when my left hamstring just felt... off.

Tight. And when I’d get some speed, it would hurt. Not that good pain you feel when your heart rate is red-lining and your body is screaming for oxygen... This was a weird, dull ache.

At first I decided to just get a good massage and keep pushing.

Then one day I was running some half-mile repeats, and I just... failed. I limped off the track in frustration.

Then my physical therapist shocked me:

“You’re weak,” she said. “You’re so specifically trained that there are certain areas of your body that are very weak.”

Today I know that this is a REALLY common issue for runners and triathletes. 

That’s because the top coaches and top athletes in our sport tell us that running makes our legs strong, and all we have to do to excel is “just RUN.”

But there I was, this world-class runner with hamstrings like dried-up, cracking rubber bands.

Strange as it sounds, I was relieved—it sounded like the PT really had a bead on my problem. She sent me home with some strength exercises and a huge dose of HOPE. I was flying high again.

But a few weeks later, no change.

By now I was convinced I had a tear or some other major problem, and time was running out.

I made an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. After an exam and an MRI, he couldn’t find anything. He thought a cortisone shot might reduce the inflammation so I could get back to training.

So the doc stuck a 2-inch needle in my knee, and I limped out of there convinced that this was the thing that was going to save my life.
But The Pain Only Got Worse...
I couldn’t believe it. Just a few weeks ago I’d ridden my bike 400 miles, and now I was scared to park more than a block from a restaurant.

As Kona got closer and closer, my hopes kept slipping... 

Finally I threw up my hands and said, “If I can’t finish the race, why do any of it?”

And that’s how I ended up sitting at the finish line at the biggest race of my life.

The day after the World Championships, I was walking around Kona with my family. I kept seeing the gladiators with their orange athlete bracelets and lobster-red sunburns. They were exchanging these deeply satisfied, knowing looks—like warriors who survived the same battle.

But I’d missed it all.

When I got back, still couldn’t run or really even walk. I was cooped up inside all day.

I slid from disappointment into depression.

Then one day my physical therapist told me that I was out of insurance visits—I’d have to fork over cash to keep going.

Something in me just broke. The fire went out.

I gave up. 

My dream was dead.

“I don’t think you’ve tried everything.”
A few weeks later, I spilled my guts to my friend, Alex Margolin. 

To my annoyance, he refused to jump aboard my pity train.

See, Alex was a strength and conditioning coach, and he had some “ideas.” 

At this point I’d been to practically every physical therapist, coach and orthopedic surgeon that would see me. 

What could Alex possibly do differently?

But he convinced me to give it a shot anyway.

So one day I showed up at his gym. 

This was NOT the kind of gym I was used to, with the rows of nice, safe Nautilus machines. The room was crammed with “power racks” and barbells and Olympic weight plates the size of manhole covers.

Alex grabbed a barbell, loaded it up and dropped it at my feet.

I freaked out. Are you nuts? I’m a runner!

But Alex could sell ice to an eskimo.

And after a few pointers from him about keeping my back straight, I crouched down and picked the weight up...
BAM! Instant relief
For the first time in 3 months my hamstring didn’t ache.

I ran out of the gym and called my girlfriend, babbling like a kindergartener back from his first field trip to the zoo.

Looking back, I can’t help but shake my head...

What Alex exposed is that...
If All You Do Is Run,
You’re Only HALF An Athlete
Runners and triathletes are supposed to be lean, but I was 6 feet tall and just over 150 pounds—skin and bones. 

I was really good at moving forward in a straight line...

But I’d lost all ability to do anything else. 

Like skiing—I used to love skiing.

Now I avoided anything that wasn’t my sport because I was afraid of getting hurt.

And to make things worse,
When You’re Not Training,
Modern Life Forces You To Sit All Day
So I was weak, and my muscles and joints were tight and stiff.

I was this amazing human machine on one hand, and like a frail 80-year-old in every other way.

The gift that Alex gave me was teaching me how to...
Move Like Your Body Is Meant To
He showed me how to squat down. How to pick things up. How to hoist my body up under my own strength.

Under his direction, I was pushing and pulling my body in every direction. Unsticking frozen joints. Limbering up stiff ligaments. Reviving atrophied muscles. 

And after a couple of weeks, I did a little easy jogging in the gym.

I was so nervous, but... NO pain. I felt great.

Just 6 weeks after that, I was...
Running Again—And Laughing
In Injury’s Face!
Nate Helming was back.

And what I soon realized is that I wasn’t just back to my pre-Kona condition.

Alex put some muscle on me with those crazy workouts, and when you put some meat on your bones like that, what you’re really doing is...
Building Yourself A Bigger Engine
On my training runs I was keeping up with runners I’ve never kept pace with before.

And that August when I entered the Lake Stevens half-Ironman in Washington, I put up my fastest time ever, including a 1:24 for the half-marathon leg.

The strength and toughness that Alex gave me allowed me to train harder than ever—without fear of injury or overwork.

And over the next several years, I finished 5th overall at the Vineman 70.3 triathlon (while lopping 20+ minutes off my time)... 

Came in 5th overall at the Nation's triathlon in DC (the BIGGEST triathlon with 5,000+ entrants)...

And WON the Endurance 10K at The North Face's Trail Championships.

I’m so grateful, because I know I got what so many runners don’t...
A Second Chance to Chase Your Dreams
And after that, just competing wasn’t enough for me anymore.

See, while Alex was breathing strength and vigor back into my shriveled frame, a lightbulb flicked on in my head.

Because I’d seen the best coaches in the endurance world. I’d been to the best sports medicine docs in San Francisco. They all had access to the best training and technology out there.

NOBODY Else Teaches This Stuff
I suddenly found myself talking to other runners who had been chewed up and spit out by the system.

They were hurting, and they want to know how I bounced back.

And the more I talked to them, the more I realized that there were so many injured athletes out there who feel completely powerless.

Their trainers and doctors have failed them, and they’re being left behind.

I knew that I had to help. I had to share the knowledge that I’d discovered—and spare others the pain and despair I endured.

It was my new life mission, and I threw myself into it with the same determination that I brought to my triathlon training.

I quit my job at the bike shop so I could take on coaching clients.

I worked alongside physical therapists. I sought out world-renowned coaches Dr. Kelly Starrett and Carl Paoli and soaked up their wisdom and experience.

And in the 7+ years since I started my quest, I’ve worked with more than 1,100 athletes...

Including well-known ultra runners like Jorge Maravilla, world class Olympic cyclists like Evelyn Stevens, champion weight lifters and pro athletes...

Plus many, many runners who are just training for their first marathon...

And I’ve seen over and over how these simple strength and movement techniques helped runners...
Love Running Again—Without Pain!
Runners like Lara Zaman, one of the first athletes I ever trained. I met Lara at a training camp. She’d gone to the camp even though her doctors told her she couldn’t run anymore—that’s how much she loved her sport.

When I heard her story, I pulled her aside. We worked on loosening up her knee, and I showed her how to do a squat with good form.

And all of a sudden she busted into a grin. 

“I can run!,” she said. “You healed me!”

And then there was Natalie Zimmer, like me, a 70.3 triathlete from San Francisco.

Natalie was a “broken” athlete. Her flexibility was terrible, and she was in constant pain when she ran.

After a few sessions with me, here’s what she had to say:
"I not only have better technique generally, but through the many tricks learned from Nate, I have a better understanding of how to treat my body. I look forward to working out every day. With Nate’s help I have achieved goals that I never thought possible, and I am not done yet!"

It’s so satisfying to watch runners like Lara and Natalie return to top form.

But I also realized that there are more than 40 million runners like you and me in the U.S. alone. 

And I couldn’t possibly coach them all... 

So I started looking for a way to package up what I’ve shown these athletes, so that anyone could use it...

I knew going in that the world doesn’t need “just another running program.” There are plenty of programs out there that’ll show you how to endure pain and survive the distance.

But runners like you CAN benefit from an...
All-In-One Running, Strength And
Mobility System 
That Reverses Injuries
And Gives YOU A “Bigger Engine”
I had two rules in mind for this system:

The plan had to work for runners at all levels, and it had to produce results FAST.

So I took a hard look at everything I’d discovered... and what was working for my coaching clients... and streamlined it into an easy-to-follow plan...

Then I tested and tweaked it for more than 9 months.

And when the dust settled, the TRE 30 Day Challenge was born.
Here’s How The 30 Day Challenge Works..
In the Challenge, your path to healthier, pain-free running is mapped out for you—you don’t have to worry about a thing.

You start with a quick assessment of where you are on day 1. This gives you a clear benchmark so you can see how far you’ve come as the Challenge progresses.

Then every morning, I show up as your personal, on-demand trainer. 

I talk you through your short, focused workout for the day. I give you the exercises to do and show you exactly how to do them right.

You’ll rotate through 7 different workouts so you don’t get bored.

Each day has a specific focus, from running mechanics, technique, breathing and pacing to core and upper body strength and joint mobility.

During your runs, I’ll tweak your form by asking you to focus on just one tiny part of your running.

These tips build on each other, so your form will automatically improve from day to day.

You don’t need a gym or any fancy, expensive equipment. I’ll show you the few things you do need (they’re all inexpensive, and you can get them at any sporting goods store).

You’ll go at your own pace, so if you need to slow down (or want to crank up the intensity), I’ll show you how to do that too.

And best of all, you won’t have to wait months to see results. In fact, you should FEEL the Challenge working within a few days—maybe even from your very first workout.
Here’s just a glimpse of what’s waiting for you inside:
  • Why your favorite "safe" cross-training techniques actually open the door wide for injuries to ravage your joints. (Plus 12 ways to condition your joints until they're as tough and flexible as chainmail.) 
  • A regular ritual to sear picture-perfect running form into your muscle fibers. (With this secret you can pound out insane miles and destroy PRs while staying completely healthy.)
  • The REAL reason why long runs are murder on your body. (It’s not the volume itself. When you fix this problem you can run for miles without damaging your joints.)
  • Three areas you MUST foam roll after running downhill. (This is especially important if you have “runner’s knee” or IT band pain.)
  • A 4-step exercise, used by the U.S. Navy SEALs, that’ll have your heart pounding in your ears in seconds. (Master this and you’ll have plenty of juice left for that sprint to the finish line.)
  • Did you realize your iPhone is crushing your lungs and making you "run out of gas" long before your body is actually tired? (The simple fix will add miles to your runs—and you can keep your smartphone.)
  • How lounging on the couch watching Seinfeld reruns can make you a stronger runner.
  • Turn your water bottle into a brutally effective anti-pain weapon to "seek and destroy" the injury-causing trigger points buried deep in your muscles.
  • A way to add “extra running gears” that let you catch and pass your competitors at will. (They’ll watch in frustration as you pull away.)
  • The two bedrock muscle groups of solid running form. (Most runners neglect these entirely, but when you fire them correctly, your body locks in the correct position instantly.)
  • Counting on stretching and flexibility to save you? You actually MORE likely to suffer a crippling injury if you can contort your body like a pretzel. (But this slight shift in your training can make you practically bulletproof.)
  • Fix runner's knee for good by combining a piece of "equipment" you have in your living room with a popular stretch that most runners use every day. (Used alone this stretch is WORTHLESS—unless you have arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger.)
  • How to erase back pain with an "evil and effective" tool that fits in the palm of your hand. (Hint: Treating your back directly can make the pain worse, so use this counter-intuitive technique instead.)
  • Shin splints? Blame your tight calves. They yank on your shins like a schoolyard bully in a tug-of-war match. (Use the easy "East-West Technique" to kill that tension and erase the pain.)
  • And much, MUCH more...
Everything You Need To Get Started
The 30 Day Challenge includes:
  • 28 progressively sequenced workouts, including 16 running-focus days, 8 cross-training days and 4 mobility-focus days
  • Day 1 and Day 30 fitness assessments to track your progress 
  • Video and written instructions for all strength and mobility exercises and running drills
  • Instant access to the entire program through a smartphone-friendly website
  • HD-quality video instruction that you can stream online to your smartphone or download for offline viewing 
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook community with 300+ committed and enthusiastic runners like you to cheer you on and answer your questions
  • Priority access to me via Facebook and email
  • Daily workout email reminders
  • Guidelines for modifying each exercise to match your current health and fitness levels
  • Access to the entire program for 12 months, including FREE updates and bonus modules
  • Flexibility to fit in with your current workout schedule
BONUS: 3-Video Warmup 
and Cooldown Video Series
See how the pros warm up and cool down. This series will increase your blood flow, improve your balance and stability, and activate your core.
BONUS: 7-Video Running Form Tuneup
Are you sick of trying to improve your running form by reading scattered blog posts and magazine articles—then trying to figure out how the pieces fit together? This series is the “tip to tail” guide to running form that you’ve been looking for. 

I show you the big picture first, then zoom in to focus on the most common mistakes runners make with their form. This series is the perfect companion to the running form tips and drills in the 30 Day Challenge.
BONUS: 12-Video Injuries
and Fixes Mobility Training
If you’re already coping with an injury, you may want to start here. I went through all of my best techniques for working through injuries and distilled them down into 12 easy-to-digest video training sessions. 

This series shows you how to:
  • Treat your tissues “upstream” and “downstream” to alleviate pain
  • Discover if you’re in a “pre-injured” state
  • Treat your quads and hips to resolve knee pain
  • Run faster by increasing your range of motion in your hips
  • Loosen up your tight neck and back so you can run lighter
  • Deal with shin splints before they turn into a stress fracture
So How Much Is This Going To Cost?
The know-how that I’ve put into the 30 Day Challenge easily cost me $30,000 in workshops, courses, seminars, travel and training.... And that’s not even factoring in the blood, sweat and tears I’ve invested over 14,000 hours with my clients to perfect the system. 

Today, my clients regularly pay $130+ an hour for sessions at my gym. For 4 weeks of training like this, you could expect to pay upwards of $2,600.

Even that’s a bargain when you look at the costs you can rack up from just one injury—race fees flushed down the toilet, physical therapy, chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, special protective gear, massage therapy...

Others have encouraged me to price the 30 Day Challenge at $497. It’s certainly worth that much and more, and I will probably take their advice soon and raise the price.

But like I said, this is a personal mission for me. I don’t want to leave anyone behind.

I want YOU to experience this life-changing system.

So for a limited time, I’ve decided to price the 30 Day Challenge at just $150 today.

Just click the Add To Cart button below to claim this limited-time price...
Wait! For a limited time, enter 30DAY45OFF for a $45 discount!
Iron-Clad, No-Hassle 1 Year Guarantee And MANDATORY Return Policy
Because this is a personal mission for me, I only want you to stay in the 30 Day Challenge if you’re getting results.

So here’s what I’m asking you to do...

Join the Challenge today. Take up to a FULL YEAR to put the system through its paces. Go through it as many times as you like. 

And if you don’t see a radical improvement in your running... If you don’t feel your pain vanishing... If you don’t see your PRs falling like dominos...

Then I’ll invoke my MANDATORY return policy and require that you email me so I can personally refund every penny of your money.
For a limited time, enter 30DAY45OFF for a $45 discount!
Where Do YOU Want To
Be 30 Days From Now?
Over the next 4 weeks, I’m going to come alongside you, just like Alex did for me.

As we work together, you’ll start to feel like a WHOLE athlete again.

Not fragile and broken, surviving from injury to injury...


Ready to tackle any challenge the road throws at you.

Confident that you can achieve any dream you set your mind to.

It all starts today.

Just click the Add To Cart below... enter your payment information on the next page...

And I’ll see you on the inside!

Run strong,
Nate Helming 
For a limited time, enter 30DAY45OFF for a $45 discount!
P.S. Look, right now you might be wondering whether the 30 Day Challenge is right for you. 

And I can understand why you feel that way. I was certainly skeptical when I first encountered these ideas.

But after seeing these techniques literally resurrect my triathlon career from the dead...

And witnessing hundreds of dramatic turnarounds with my 1,100+ clients over the last 7 years...

Well, now I can confidently say that there isn’t a runner out there who won’t benefit from this system.

This is the foundation I wish I had when I started my career as a runner—it would have spared me so much pain, frustration and expense...

Not to mention the PRs and wins I would have racked up...

You can get in today for just $150—but hurry, because the price goes up soon.
For a limited time, enter 30DAY45OFF for a $45 discount!
What Will You Get In  "The 30-Day Challenge?"
Step-by-step coaching that you add into your current schedule 
or use as a new starting point.
Over the last 6 years, we’ve developed a comprehensive program to get people back into running and racing shape. Some of you have been running for years, but still deal with frustrating injuries that sideline you for long periods of time. 

Now we’ve put together a program that anyone can join, and in just 30 days, we’ll have you back on the road and feeling like an athlete again.
It’s shocking how many people jump into running…

…without a second thought about their form or their bodies, only to find nagging pain and sluggishness instead of that runners’ high. Even if it goes well initially, we’ve seen that without attention to your body it’s just a matter of time before an injury. And who wants to slog to become more fit, only to break down in the process?
  • Have you signed up for a race and need to get
    back in shape?
  • Do your joints ache when or after you run?
  • Are you trying to run again after a long break?
  • Do you suffer from hamstring, quad or calf pain?
  • Does running beat your body down?
Why Most People Get Injured...
In a study in the Osteopathic Journal of Sports Medicine, nearly 1 out of 3 new runners were injured in their first year of running. Returning runners or runners training for a race often have even higher injury rates because they push their bodies harder.
Why does this happen?
With thousands of athletes that have seen the benefits of our program, we’ve seen that most running injuries come from not forming good running habits. 

It’s not that surprising when you think about where you learned to run, if you learned at all. Most people will take tennis lessons, dance lessons, or ski lessons to improve their technique and enjoy the sport safely, only to assume that their bodies move correctly when they go out to run. 

Making matters worse, most of us run out the door to pound the pavement after a full day of inactivity and stiffness from sitting in chairs. Hardly the ideal preparation for a strong, fluid, injury free running.
"I can run forever..."
Mike Tathem
"Being an endurance athlete is important for me as it keeps me out of the bars at night (well not entirely) and inspires the grandkids. I remember aches from not having proper technique and a strong body. Now I feel like I can run/bike/swim forever."

- Mike Tathem
Multi 70.3 Triathlete and now 50 and 100 mile Ultra runner
“I have been working with Nate Helming and TRE for over a year now. I took an 8 year sabbatical… and I am faster and stronger than I have ever been.”

- Jen Rulon
Texas based Iron Man Triathlete, Kona Hopeful, and Tri/CrossFit coach.
"I am faster and stronger"
Jen Rulon
“Nate Really Knows How To Explain Things So You ‘Get It’”
John Branderhorst

"Every year I seem to get injured training for races. Thanks to the TRE Project I’m spending more time on making sure I strengthen areas that are consistently weak in runners and building flexibility along with better form. Nate really knows mechanics and how to explain things so you get it."

- John Branderhorst
Ultra runner. Triathlete. Former president of the Golden Gate Tri Club.